• Time to Repower?

  • When considering whether to re-power your vessel, EXPERIENCE is the first critical ingredient to seek. Dutch Wharf’s mechanical and electrical craftsmen each have over 25 years of hands-on experience involving all aspects of engine replacement. The yard averages four to five re-powers per year.

    Four boats repowered with Beta engines during 2011/2012 season:

    • Catalina 30
    • Tartan 34 (2)
    • C&C37
  • Beginning with assistance in selecting the appropriate engine for your boat, through sea trials and training, our men are experts at:

    • Careful & judicious removal of old engine, retaining serviceable components when possible.
    • Cleaning and inspection of engine beds, repair or replacement as required,
    • Modification of exhaust (if necessary),
    • Thru-hull inspection; repair/ replacement if needed
    • Fuel and electrical connections
      modified as required
    • Install instrument panel and
      gauges to accommodate new engine
  • Your safety and future enjoyment of the boat will be directly proportional to the experience of the re-power crew.

    INVESTMENT COST will likely be your second consideration. Dutch Wharf’s rates are among the lowest on the Connecticut coast. We’re happy to provide an estimate.